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Profile Pictures, Business Card Headshots,

and Other Marketable Photos. 

This is usually pretty quick. We discuss locations and what you are looking for.

Then we create a plan.

Once we decide when, where, and why, we start the shoot. We will require about 15 minutes to set up. Then we will spend then time we need to get the shot you want.  



Location Location Location

Photography by

A Digital Photo Album

A day or event shoot includes: 

Over 100 photos per session (up to 4 hours).

Several small videos throughout the session.

This includes tweaking and/or adding effects to up to 20 photos. 

  Click to See Samples and Details   

PLUS, you get a 2 - 3 minute digital photo album of photos and videos of the experience. This can be used for you to play over and over, and/or to share with others for years to come.

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